This activity is only for brave teachers! But if you can carry it off - it's great fun. It's also useful for lessons on flight!

Stand in front of the class with your arms out like an aeroplane.

Explain that you are going to show the children how to "Roll, Pitch and Yaw"!

Get the whole class to mirror you - first you are going to teach them how to PITCH.

Put your head down to you knees without bending them still keeping your arms out like an aeroplane...

Tell them Pitch is easy to remember because of being "pitched forwards" or "pitchfork" etc...

Do the same in the opposite direction.

Next show them how to ROLL.

To ROLL just lower your right hand down to your thigh following it with your head and lifting your (straight) left arm in the air.

Lastly - you've guessed it, you are going to show them how to YAW!

To YAW - keep your hands out and turn you whole upper body from the waist.

Once you have practised all three a couple of times - get them to do it.

The position you are in is called "attitude" - if someone gets it wrong - you could tell them they've got a bad "attitude".

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